After skipping a Friday which means teaching yoga at the studio, I find myself in a state of nothingness. It feels like even the routine of teaching a class on exactly the same day and hour of the week is quite challenging. So in that sense despite the fact that the break was not a vacation I feel renewed and rejuvenated. Today I will be teaching a Friday 2:30 session again, and even though the weeks and days look defined, it is obvious that I never am. Never defined, never definite, always changing. It is only a matter of stepping out of the routine, then each new experience brings a feeling that makes each cell of my body move. It feels like blood is rushing through my veins more joyfully. And this brings me to a speech of Mooji. 

I met Mooji with the video down below. And completely forgot about him. 

Until the family constellation gathering when Shakti asked me if I knew Mooji, I said no. Then she said well I am going to meet him soon in Portugal, I said wait a second is he the man who talks about nothingness. Then I remembered the video I watched and wondered about him more. 

So since Monday I have been watching some of his satsangs and in the one below he talks about something that really touched my heart. Please watch it if you have time if not you can see below what touched my heart: 

There were a few sentences that I noted down, God knows how many more I would note down if I were to listen to it again : 

If you are awareness you do not have to let anything go. Words become spirits inside you. Hear the words inside your heart, they will burn the words inside your mind. Stop associating yourself with what you move your attention to. They are a train of thoughts. Thoughts and feelings come and go. 

Land in emptiness. 

So these sentences inspired me to make this drawing: 

I feel like I landed in emptiness with no musts or shoulds, void of anything and everything unnecessary. So it is again a Friday, it will again be 2:30, I will again be teaching in the same studio but I am not again the same me. Things change. Things have changed. And things will always change. If a thought or feeling is one thing in the morning, then another thing at noon and completely something else in the evening, how can I actually hold on to any of them? Train of thoughts and feelings will come and go, different compartments full of different things will come and go, as long as I am still and present I do not have to get on any but just become an observer only to realize that that too will change.

Dear Mooji thank you for reminding me this once again. And thank you cosmos for the inspiration. Words really do become spirits inside you.