At age thirty, even coctails and dance parties end with meditation. It is a way of ending the day, it is a way of beginning the day. It never is a must, only an urge to sit still and watch the traffic in the mind. So last night was one of those nights. With my dearest soul sister Olivia, we got together only to find ourselves in midst of a dance party with fruity coctails. At one point I rolled the mats, burned some nag champa and we started meditating. This was not a planned action, it came from within, realized without. As I sat still I listed to all the sounds within and around me only to recognize this:

The traffic on the street is no different than the traffic on our minds. There are moments of loudness, and moments of silence. Those loud moments are followed by silence. These silent moments are as relieving as swimming in a cold river in the heat of the summer. A moment of realization, a moment of ah ha! A moment of peace and surrender. Once all those temporary noises pass by I can rest in the silence of my heart; it always is a matter of remembering that the silent heart and mind is actually always there, even in the midst of chaos. Remembering this silent place is magical just like knowing that you are the sky and clouds are experiences that pass by.

Magic all around me I woke up this morning.