Once upon a time lived a mountain headed girl in a big big city. She had a big heart and a big mind that she sometimes felt lost in. In her mind were tunnels, tunnels that pulled her into  blackholeS, tunnels that took her to plateaus, tunnels that took her to waterfalls, and tunnels that took her to clouds. Whenever she was in one tunnel, a lot happened in the worldly realm. She came across experiences, people and different feelings that helped her journey through the tunnels. These tunnels were ever teaching even though some were very dark and scary. The mountain headed girl was learning not to compare tunnels of darkness with tunnels of light. Cause they each had a purpose. In her journey of life, all the experiences that made her “the mountain headed girl” came through those tunnels. She just needed to remember that she was not the tunnels themselves, but whatever they thought her. So the moment she associated herself with whatever feeling the tunnel brought to her, she forgot that she was above and behind it all. It was now time for her to remember that she was the sunrise above all these tunnels of darkness and light, and these tunnels were only instruments to connect her with the worldly realm. She surely came to this world to have certain experiences her soul needed to learn from. So she took a deep breath and said “ I surrender. I am accepting whatever this life wants to teach me. I am here to learn. I am here to share what I know with the others. I am here to spread the light. I am here to remind people the vastness and eternalness of life. I am here to remind the people that the sun will always rise.