Are you in need of an extra resource to feel happy or is your source within you? How much do you look and how much do you see. Do you have life energy within you? If yes then does it depend on outside forces what do you think makes you care so much about your surroundings? Why do you feel irritated when people, enter you territory? What do you lose? What do you gain when you keep order? What do you loose when there is chaos? Have you tried once to let go? What scares you so much when you are not in control. What if all this dissapeared? What would remain? How much of what you really desire, do you really desire? What is innate? What comes from within? What is shaped by outside forces? What satisfies your soul? What do you need? Or do you really need anything? How do you feel when you are alone? How do you feel when you are around people? How neutral can you get?do you remember that you are nothing but what goes in and out of your nose? What if it stopped? That is it. You are gone. You can not always be up. Why do you try so hard? Years pass by. Pass by. Pass by. There might be a place called pass by. I want a baby. I want to see a life come alive. Streams. I want to swim in springs for the rest of my life. I want to wash myself in those fresh streams. I want to see life spring, life has sprung. I am life. What I want to see is what I acually am. This is a whirlpool. İt sucks me in. I am spinning around in my own thoughts. I am floating redundant. Some letters match. There is a place. I want to be. That place is where a kitten might acually want to be. I want to be somewhere warm and affectionate. Where there is as little effort as possible. Or not effort at all. A warm place I seek, a place that takes me in with all my goods and bads. In the end I am imperfect and imperfectly perfect I AM.