Five years ago when I first started practicing yoga was when I first heard the name: Godfrey Devereux. One of my teachers used to tell us about him and his teachings at times. And I would wonder. He would come every so often to my yoga studio, Cihangir Yoga but had never really had the chance to meet him. So finally five years later, last night I got to meet him. And today I attended his workshop on bandhas. I love it how I meet people when the time comes. I love it how a teacher appears when the student is ready. I love it how all of these teachings that I have been thought so far become my yoga, my perception of yoga, my yoga practice is influenced by every single one of those teachers that I come across throughout my life.

Last night and all day today Godfrey reminded me all of these:

Yoga is not restricted by the mat. Gardening can be yoga. 

All you are looking for is : unconditional love. Inpenetrable peace, irreducible happiness, inexhaustable compassion is what yoga is. 

There are four kinds of yoga:

Yoga as a practice.

Yoga as an experience.

Yoga as a being.

Yoga as the ground. 

Understand your mind and how it works.

Our perception of reality is very limited.

There are certain things you believe without seeing. 

How do you approach yoga? As an adult or as a child? Do you take responsibility of your actions or decisions? Human beings are the only vertical species on this earth, it makes us so unique as a being in the first place. 

When are we going to trust ourselves? And act with the wholeness of our body?

We are present while resisting gravity all the time, so we need to take the tension from the core of our body. 

The earth’s position to the sun, the saps and leaves are not separate things, so are the bandhas. There are three main bandhas:

Mula Bandha

Uddiyana Bandha

Jalandra Bandha 

Besides these three there are other, but these bandhas could not exist without the main ones. 

Practice yoga and it all happens.

No need to struggle or force anything.

Yoga does not mean “union” cause within union there is an implication of “seperation”. Therefore yoga means “unity”. You can not flourish unless you feel the wholeness. 

Unity, oneness, singularity, dissolving.

Be attentive enough, pay attention to your own presence. 

Clarification of your presence. 

When your body is quiet, consciousness speaks out.

Yoga is somatic self enquiry. 


Yoga makes you find yourself to be unconditional love itself.

What you are is what you are looking for. 

The feeling of longing for the mat comes from here. 

Your breath is an amazing intelligence of your life. 

Listen to your body.

We have been told a wrong story. The real story of life goes like this:

Sperms travel in spirals towards the uterus. Uterus chooses the sperm that will be good for it. 

Thousands of sperms dance for the egg and egg opens to accept only one of them in. 

Dna is encapsulated intelligence. 

Within the years, civilizations obscured the natural intelligence. That is why a teaching like yoga arose.  We are here to enjoy our pure consciousness.  Pure naked curiosity.  Pure intelligence. 

Self enquiry is what yoga is.  As you practice yoga you are not trying to get rid of something. It is about acceptance of what is, and then comes change.

The change towards wholesomeness. 

Never hurry. 

Balance is not static. 

Effortless effort. 

What is a good practice?

When you wake up from savasana and you feel satisfied, you do not feel like you need to do something. You are satisfied enough to just be: wherever you are. 


I am thankful for all the teachers with whom my path has crossed until today. It is a great feeling to know that i am them and they are me. No one is superior or inferior to each other, but sharers of the great knowledge that has been passed on to us. Some of us are here to remind, some others are here to learn. Some of us are here for both.