I do not know how I got so lucky but within two months I got to meet two people whom I have always wanted to meet but never had the opportunity. About a month ago I met Godfrey and a few days ago I met Rumen. As a family constellation master, it was an honor to be with him, within a circle of about 40 people. I have always believed in the healing power of the circle. 40 people came there with all good intentions to be healed through the collective work. And this is where collective magic happens as Rumen says. He said, “There is no such thing as “my constellation”. This is collective work, and collective magic”. In the past year, my feelings towards us all being a whole, connected to each other like the stars in a constellation has been more and more powerful. I can truly feel all the beings around me and their power, our parents’ and ancestors’ healing powers supporting us. We spent 4 whole days together and completed the first module of a three years long family constellation training. So this is no more about whether my constellation will be done or not, but more about realizing that I am being healed through all the constellations that I witness or take part in as a representative. As this is a training which actually gives you the chance to practice this magic as a practitioner at the end of three years, through twelve different modules I feel enlightened to actually look at a constellation and slowly understand its principles. I am still at the very beginning of this journey, and do not even know if one day I will really want to be a constellator, but I already feel that this is not the question: the question is am I ready to discover a whole system that I was blind to for so many years?  Am I ready to receive the blessings of my family and ancestors and learn my position within my family? Am I ready to be patient enough to observe the changes that will happen in my life, without pulling or pushing and rushing? Am I willing to spend the time and the money for four different modules every year? Am I ready to dedicate myself to the understanding of the self and thus the humanity and live with more awareness and gratitude?  Am I ready for all this magic? I think I am. No I am skipping the “think” part as of now and starting to say : I AM. Just like I am ready to say I AM WHO I AM. 

Below you can see all the drawings I made through out the training. My hands could not stop dancing as I got inspired by every single word Rumen shared with us. I am embracing my creativity as I embrace the biggest creation on this earth : life.