Going to a new place is like opening a curtain and looking at your surroundings with fresh eyes that lack knowingness. This is such a bliss. In this new place you do not KNOW, you do not have so many layers of ideas in your vision. Your vision is like a new born baby, receptive, perceptive and wondering. Your wondering eyes are the doors to new experiences, experiences that you set on an un-knowing space. If you are ok with this unknowingness in these unknown places can you still keep your unknowingness alive in known places? Since I came to Italy I have been asking myself this question. This new thing, new scene, new view that mesmerizes you, can it stay with you wherever you go? Regardless of time and space can you keep your  vision clear and light? Can your vision become a part of a neutral state? Is it possible to take all the experiences as one in unity carrying you to a whole different level of consciousness? Can the level of excitement be the same while going to a new place and coming back to the not-new / old place ? Shortly, can you become a full time tourist; as excited for arrivals and departures. 

I am coming back from Italy, waiting for my flight from Rome to Istanbul. After spending 5 magical days in Napoli-Pompei-Sorrento-Positano-Amalfi-Ravello and Rome, here I am sitting in this no-place land , heterotopia, airport in the moment of NOW. In this nowness I feel gratitude for all I have been through. The magic carpet ride we got on for my dearest friend Sena's wedding has left me speechless. My heart is full of dancing, laughing and joy; light and colors, happiness and ease. 
I am amazed at how years of friendship evolves into this deep state, where within the presence of all these people that have known you for so long, your true light shines on, encompassing all the past moments shared together. It is such a great energy to be surroundered with your dearest friends with whom you have grown, with whom you have learned big life lessons and jumped through the loops of fire, friends that became a witness to your happiest and saddest times. They ARE so PRECIOUS. I felt very lucky to remember that this friendship of ours is beyond space and time, it is an eternal state that will always shine. 
Sparkling is the emotion that their presence gave me these past few days. I felt rich and in love once again with this thing called LIFE.